Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas at our house

Our tree this year. I love decorating the tree and house and watching the kids get excited for the holidays. Now if I can only keep Ally out of the decor..we shall see.

 Look at the snow that fell this morning all in about 1 hour too! I have mixed feelings about snow, I love the look of it, I love it at Christmas time and for a few months. BUT I hate the cold that comes with it. I truly wish I lived in warmer climate and I am always cold! I am a wimp, yup I am. But driving in the stuff, getting kids and groceries in and out of the car when it's freezing and having winter stay around for months is sometimes the pits..just saying.
 Here are a few of the decorations we decorate with during the holidays...festive huh?

 These Dickens Villages are collectibles that my Mom collected most of my childhood and when she passed away she all of her daughters got to have an entire set. I will cherish these for my entire life.

 We had FHE on Sunday night and the kids wrote letters to Santa. Home evenings are often chaotic in our home with so many kids and it's tough to teach a lesson and we wonder sometimes why in the world we attempt to do them, but we are teaching the kid's the importance of family and gospel principles so it's worth the madness.


  1. Wow, when I look at the picture of Annie, I think she looks just like Emily. Weird, I've never thought that before. Your tree is so pretty! I LOVE it! I wish I had a pretty tree. All the decorations look so good!

  2. I am both impressed and disgusted. Impressed of course by how classy and elegant your tree and decor looks. Disgusted that you can pull that off with five kids in the house while the rest of us (aka me) can't manage with just two! So not fair! ;)

  3. I don't pull it off all the time Cali! My living room looks fantastic,yet my laundry is out of control! Go figure! And looks who's talking, you look beautiful every Sunday and you do it with 2 small ones and no hubby home!

  4. Your tree is pretty btw Kate!! Your whole house is!!

  5. I love your blog Natalie! And you have such a beautiful family and home, love the decorations!! So cute!

  6. Time for a new update! I'm blog happy lately!! :)