Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Beautiful girls!

 I have never done an indoor professional shoot for any of the kids in their Halloween costumes, so when Quinn's friend's wife offered a special on a mini shoot, I jumped on it and I am SO HAPPY I did!! These pictures of the girls are precious!! Lily is such a poser and was loving all the attention on her! Fun morning for sure!

Weekend fun

 This weekend was busy, busy! On Saturday, we had Halloween pictures for the little girls, then home to nap Ally, then off to Lily's birthday party, over to Kaytee's basketball game right after, home to make something to eat for the kiddos and then to dessert with my older sisters. Whew... that was a lot in one day!

 Olive Garden tradition
 Kaytee had a great basketball game!! I am super proud of her and how much she has improved in 3 seasons. I think she might be one of the best payers this year....wahoo. Her aunts, uncles and cousins came to see her play which made Kaytee's day!!

 On Sunday we decided to take advantage of the last nice day this week and drove up to Palisades after church to have a picnic and see the fall colors. It was the BEST Sunday I have had in so long!! The girls behaved and we had so much fun playing hide and seek in the tall grass and even found the best spot for a picnic. This will defiantly be a tradition each fall!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lily turned 5!

 Our cute Lily turned 5, yes FIVE on Oct. 20th!
She has to be the cutest little girl I know and I must admit a lot of people tell me how adorable she is.
We had a fun party at Blast Off, she celebrated at school, we went to dinner and she got some fun gifts from family too.


Favorite foods are scrambled eggs, Cheerios, bread with homemade jam, chocolate milk, Oreo cookies, apples, strawberries, bananas and Alfredo.
Loves to play dress up
Favorite toys are Mario, Lightening McQueen and her stuffed animals
Best friend is Ian Palmer 
Favorite movies are Tangled, Dora,  The Incredible Mr. Limpet, and Cars
When she grows up she wants to be a Mommy and go to work with her Daddy

Road Trip to Utah with Kim~ Oct.15th, 2011

My oldest sister Jennifer placed a baby girl named Nichole up for adoption 23 years ago and I had the privilege of meeting her this month.
Kim and I drove down together which was pretty fun, its always fun to be with my sisters! We talked about everything and anything, you name it we about covered it. Kim didn't even get on my nerves....haha....wink, wink.

Nichole was such a delightful young lady! Very pretty, mature, sweet as could be and funny! Here she is with Kim and I below.
 While on our trip, we headed to this place that has corn mazes, jump toys, hot cider, hot chocolate, all sorts of fall activities. It was pretty cool, however I got so sick, like every bone on my body hurting kind of sick!! So I couldn't stay and enjoy the fun!! I will defiantly take the kids there next year tough.

 Sunday afternoon we drove up to Provo Canyon so Jenn's family could take some family pictures. Thankfully I was feeling much better because it was GORGEOUS in the canyon. The colors were amazing and the weather was perfect! It was simply a relaxing day with my sisters and Dad.

Makayla turned 15

Well Makayla turned 15 this month and continues to grow up even though I tell her not to.
I must say that having a teenager is the toughest thing ever!! I think that girls and Mom's have the biggest challenge and we have to work extra hard on our relationship. Most days as Makayla's Mom, I wonder if she even hears me, likes me, cares what I think, looks up to me and wants to be like me. It's defiantly been a test of faith raising a teenage daughter! But I love Kayla girl so much and I am always amazed by her. She is still a straight A student and just recently told us that she really wants to be a surgeon or an obgyn & I believe she is smart enough, motivated enough and will achieve any goal she sets for herself.

She had a fun birthday with her friends, ate pizza and went to a haunted house.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Random daily happenings

 Today Ally and I went to the mall to kill time while her sisters were at school. I love my Ally and Me time and hope she remembers always how loved she is by her Mommy!
 Kaytee started violin lesson through our school district the first part of Oct. She goes back and forth whether she loves it or not, so we shall see. 
 Allyson is such a hoot and is always walking around with something on her head or face. Oh that girl makes me so happy!

Family Pictures~ Fall 2011

Fall Football~ GO SKYLINE

 Fall is a fun time for many reasons but a BIG reason this year is because my nephew Michael has played for Skyline for 4 years now.
Now my older sisters Jenn and Kim are super dedicated to their older kids and their sports so as an aunt, our family tries to be supportive and cheer for the nieces and nephews. Which is FUN, because we LOVE SKYLINE and plan to have all our kiddos attend there too.
This was a fun weekend because Emily surprised all of us and flew in from AZ to attend the Emotion Bowl!! So we got all our football attire and off we went!! Skyline won and painted their goal posts BLUE....WAHOO!
Great family weekend!

 Star of the game with Uncle Quinn!!
 Check out who made the front page of the paper too!! Very cool!
Cute Kaytee girl all in BLUE