Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Road Trip to Utah with Kim~ Oct.15th, 2011

My oldest sister Jennifer placed a baby girl named Nichole up for adoption 23 years ago and I had the privilege of meeting her this month.
Kim and I drove down together which was pretty fun, its always fun to be with my sisters! We talked about everything and anything, you name it we about covered it. Kim didn't even get on my nerves....haha....wink, wink.

Nichole was such a delightful young lady! Very pretty, mature, sweet as could be and funny! Here she is with Kim and I below.
 While on our trip, we headed to this place that has corn mazes, jump toys, hot cider, hot chocolate, all sorts of fall activities. It was pretty cool, however I got so sick, like every bone on my body hurting kind of sick!! So I couldn't stay and enjoy the fun!! I will defiantly take the kids there next year tough.

 Sunday afternoon we drove up to Provo Canyon so Jenn's family could take some family pictures. Thankfully I was feeling much better because it was GORGEOUS in the canyon. The colors were amazing and the weather was perfect! It was simply a relaxing day with my sisters and Dad.

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